Episode 1 | Into the Private Markets with Cyril Demaria: Asset Classes

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Launching “Into the Private Markets” an exhaustive series, focused on understanding the nuances of this ecosystem with the renowned industry expert Cyril Demaria.

With over 20 years of work experience in the private markets, having authored multiple books, research papers, along with being part of multiple funds, consultant to pension funds, family offices, and also a PhD from University St. Gallen, in addition to being an Affiliate Professor at EDHEC Business School Cyril, with his bounty of knowledge about the private market value chain, sits down with TheCapitalNet Team to break down basics of the private markets, starting with the asset classes prevalent in the same.

In this video

1. Dr. Cyril Demaria – Author, Academician and Investor
2. Apoorva – Editor, TheCapitalNet TV

Stay tuned for Episode two focused on key industry players prevalent within these assets classes exclusively on TheCapitalNet TV.

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