Episode 2 Fitness for Entrepreneurs | Healthy Lifestyle by Sandeep Gadde, Co-Founder, CrossFit Mend

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In this upcoming video, Sandeep talks to us about transitioning into a healthy lifestyle for working professionals in spite of their busy lives and schedules. He also addresses the issue of dealing with jet lags which is a common occurrence in the lifestyle of working professionals.

Additionally, we had interviewed three new age entrepreneurs who talk about the importance of fitness in their lives. They also give their own personal tip to other entrepreneurs looking to transition into a healthy lifestyle.

The entrepreneurs interviewed in this video are
Sandeep Reddy , Co-Founder, TheCapitalNet
Naren Datta, Chief Operations Officer, Raasta Studios
Tarun Oblum, Owner, Shoemaker & Leather Craftsman, Oblum Leather Works

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