Compliance for Startups – Filings by Raghubabu, Company Secretary, Co-Founder, R&A Associates & Partner, Ez Resolve

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In this episode, Raghubabu gives us more details post the previous episode on “Compliances for Startups – Introduction” which can be found at https://www.thecapitalnet.com/tv/302795238

He tell us about the “ABC of Compliances” i.e., ‘A’ – critical compliances which cannot be avoided at any cost, ‘B’ – moderately serious compliances and ‘C’ – procedural compliances of the company.

He further tells us about the mandatory filings to be done with the Registrar of Companies, such as filings based on material events that take place with regard to the company, Annual Returns and the Audited Financials of the company.

He also tells us about the Director Identification Number (DIN) which is a mandatory requirement for all directors of company, failing which, there would be consequences which would affect their position as well as the growth of the company.

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