Ep 1 – Part 2 Investors Speak by Sanjay Nath, Co founder & Managing Partner, Blume Venture Advisors

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This video is a continuation of Part 1 (http://tcn.one/hsxconclave) from the interview with Sanjay Nath where he was posed with questions related to investors and their mindset.
From what an investor looks for in an investee company to how they plan an exit (when required), he has patiently delved into each and every aspect of the investment eco system with clarity.

TheCapitalNet was a proud Knowledge Partner of Headstart Network Foundation (HSX) National Entrepreneurship Conclave hosted by CIE at IIIT Hyderabad on 8 June’19.

During the conclave, we had the privilege to meet, converse and interview several renowned stakeholders of the Startups and Investments Ecosystem which will be published over the coming weeks.

Keep watching this space for more on the interviews at the HSX Conclave.

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