Ep 2 – Going Global | StartUps by Dr. C Manohar, Dean, ISBR

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Dr. Manohar was one among the 5 speakers that we had interviewed at the event “SHREE – Scaling Women Entrepreneurial Ventures”.

First and foremost, he speaks about how it is important to have a vision and mission in place. How it is necessary to set goals and understand the culture of the market that your’e in, in order to go global.

Hear what he has to say, as he also gives entrepreneurs a tip towards the end of the video.

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TheCapitalNet had the privilege to partner with Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) and SR Innovation Exchange (SRiX) to host the event “SHREE – Scaling Women Entrepreneurial Ventures” that took place on 17th – 18th April’19

During the course of this 2 day event, we interviewed the esteemed speakers and asked them questions on “How to take your business global”.

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing videos of each of the speakers listed below, where in they give us their views, input and tips on “Going Global”.

List of Speakers:
1. Murali Talasila, Partner & Innovation Leader at PwC
2. Dr. C Manohar, Dean ISRB
3. Ekta Bahl, Partner, Samwad Partners
4. Santha John, Founder Director, Coachlife.asia
5. Sundari R Pisupati, Partner at Tempus Law Associates

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