Ep 2-Part 3: Tax Benefits for Startups by Jiger & Rajesh, Partners, BDO in India

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In this episode of the BDO series, Rajesh explains what form of entity would be ideal for a startup to be setup as , either 1) Private Limited (Pvt Ltd) or 2) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). He further explains different stakeholders view points from the tax angel in an LLP and Pvt Ltd.

Jiger and Rajesh are tax and regulatory experts and have done a 3 part episode discussing topics ranging from income tax benefits for startups, angel tax and suitable entity types for a startup.

This episode is presented to you in collaboration with BDO in INDIA.

Ep2-Part1: http://tcn.one/taxbnfts
Ep2-Part2: http://tcn.one/taxbnfts2

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