Episode 3 | Understanding Corporate VC Emergence in Indian Private Markets: Impact and Returns

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While the first two episodes of the “Understanding Corporate VC Emergence” in the Indian context, an exhaustive series with Rajesh Sharma, focused on understanding the evolution and the structure of a CVC, the third episode dug deeper into the bounty of experience that Rajesh has.

We sit with him to understand exactly how the financial structure looks for a CVC, and its fit from both a Corporation and Startup perspective. We also touch upon the kind of talent pool this market operates with.

In this video

1. Rajesh Sharma – Founder & CEO, GrowMyCo Ventures
2. Dr. Rakesh Bhatia – Founder & CEO, TheCapitalNet

Stay tuned for the finale focused on the finer details of CVCs exclusively on TheCapitalNet TV.

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