IMPACT(HER) : Episode 1 – Diversity Play in Venture Capital Space | Part 1

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In a tryst to champion change makers in the startup, innovation and investment ecosystem, the first episode of IMPACT(HER), looks at the diversity play in Venture Capital landscape. We sat down with @Ritu Verma, Managing Partner and Co- Founder at Ankur Capital, to understand the evolution of the perception of women in the space, the efforts being made to have continued conversations, the trigger that has lead to the women coming to forefront, and much more.

In this video
  1. Ritu Verma – Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Ankur Capital
  2. Apoorva – Editor, TheCapitalNet TV

Stay tuned for part two of this immersive conversation, looking to championing these impact creators.

IMPACT(HER), is a limited series done in joint collaboration with Encubay and TheCapitalNet to champion change-makers of today and future, Women

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