The New Creator Economy: A guide on Web3 creator platforms | Part 1

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The world of content creation has graduated to a space where they have their own dedicated economy which integrates with the digital future globally. While this economy has made its wave, we sat down with Ollie Forsyth, Global Community Manager at Antler, who as a fellow content creator, and has been observing and reporting on the boom of this economy to understand its nuances.

We delve into the creator economy timeline, the evolution of the economy, the support that they are looking for along with the WEB3.0 intervention to the same.

In this video

1. Ollie Forsyth – Global Community Manager, Antler
2. Apoorva – Editor, TheCapitalNet TV

Stay tuned for Part two to understand the creator expectations, the future of the most ideal scenario of the economy, exclusively on TheCapitalNet TV.

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